Mask of the face

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This is the area where we place our notes.
We think of the mask of the face as where our voice lives.
This is where some of our resonators are.
Resonators are cavities which amplify our voices.
As our body does the work, Breath Control & Supporting the notes using the Pelvic Floor muscles etc, we balance the voice and keep it placed in the mask of the face keeping the tone of our voice in focus


Through singing using the mask of the face we also need to find our Focus.
This is the area where our unique tone sits most comfortably.
The focus is somewhere between the soft palate (the back of the roof of the mouth) and the bridge of the nose.
This is often referred to as where we “place” our note.

As we get to know our voices we find the place where our tone sounds easiest, we then match all our vowel sounds so that they stay in focus through out the range, this way we have complete control over our voice and do not need to re pitch notes.
The voice in focus should not feel strained or be painful in any way.