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Do you sing in the bath?

cdThen you must love singing! So why not improve your voice with this easy to understand vocal workout CD.

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“Buy now on Amazon or iTunes for just £7.99″

With clear instruction, encouragement and examples, you will begin to improve your vocal range and understand your voice in no time at all.

Each exercise works on a different part of your voice and will train you to vocalize using different parts of your body.

The exercises are designed to:

  • Build and strengthen your voice.
  • Increase your range and improve your breathing.
  • Help you understand how you use your body when you sing.
  • Build confidence and reduce stress.
  • The CD is specially designed to work in conjunction with this site. Use the online information, diagrams and animations to assist you as you learn along with the CD.

    See results in a matter of weeks!

    At just £7.99, it’s a fraction of the cost of one private lesson with a vocal tutor.